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Why I Write


I’m honored to have been invited by author Julie Scipioni to take part in this blog hop, in which I write about why I write.

I wake at 5:15 a.m. to record the words in my head, when it’s dark and quiet and they get strung more easily than when the sun appears and the traffic starts. This is when I focus heaviest on the creative writing I do outside my work as a freelance journalist. (Although my dream is to make part of my living as an essayist.)

When I worked full time at a newspaper, the last thing I wanted to do when off the clock was write. Now self-employed, there is no clock, really. I conduct interviews throughout the day, some evenings and weekends, and with a much more fluid schedule that I control (hello, short break to watch “Orange is the New Black”) I find myself writing at all hours, even if what I produce is just a paragraph.

Writing excites me, and has since penning “Santa Claus and the Magic Pencils” (changed not much later to “Santa Claus and the Magic Gifts”) in the first grade. It was my first – and if memory serves correctly, my last – complete work of fiction, given that nonfiction comes more naturally. Maybe that’s why I became a reporter…

In any case, among other reasons:

I write to express what otherwise tumbles out of my mouth in too many words that obscure what I’m really trying to say – or too few words that don’t fully articulate the weight of my thoughts.

I write to unearth what has been buried.

I write so that my head doesn’t feel too full and my body doesn’t feel too anxious.

I write to keep myself open and honest.

I write, as the cliche goes, because I have to. I feel a biological pull to the keyboard or notebook (or napkin or utility bill, depending on where I am) to jot down a scene or theme I’m often convinced deserves more attention.

From Maya Angelou: “We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim the oceans – because we can…because we have the impulse to explain who we are.”

Why do you write?


Now for some introductions. Here are the next three women on this blog hop:

Sarah Brentyn is a geek, a mum, and a Lifestyle writer who loves good books and good wine. Also, chocolate. She’s passionate about nonprofits and has written newsletters and web content for numerous organizations. She has also taught her own writing workshops at girls’ group homes. She is a contributing writer for her local paper where she shares columns about life, kids, and whatever floats her boat. She enjoys writing fiction like those people who enjoy singing in the shower. She blogs at

From riding horses to writing stories, Charli Mills is a buckaroo writer. Following a career in freelancing, marketing and communications, she’s followed the sunset west to write fiction. She wrangles a weekly flash fiction challenge at and blogs the storyboard of life at Her first novel is under deadline.

Miranda Wilcox is founder and president of Thrive Potential. Combining her passions for personal development and female empowerment, she works as an individual coach and group facilitator for women and teens. Dedicated to growing clarity, confidence, and success in emerging and established women leaders, she shares thoughts and resources for thriving on her blog at

Author: thekineticpen

Freelance journalist working on a narrative nonfiction book about a woman who, after the freak death of her husband, decides to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to deal with her grief and finds a second chance at love.

14 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Such a sweet post, thank you!
    I write because my hand is better at telling stories than my mouth, and I have so many stories to tell. I too feel that pull to the page, and I sometimes worry that if I resist, those stories would swell inside of me until I explode.

  2. You’re welcome, and thanks for sharing your perspective! I completely get it.

  3. The biological pull to the keys is a sharp image. It seems that your path has evolved for you as a writer of magic things in first grade to a reporter to a freelance journalist with an inner essayist working her way out to the surface. Perhaps fiction is a nod to that first grader who was brave enough to start exploring the world with words. Thank you for the invitation to this blog hop!

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  5. Robin, thank you for sharing this! I was on the blog hop earlier and shared my reasons on my blog: Two of the things that stood out for me in your post are:

    I write to express what otherwise tumbles out of my mouth in too many words that obscure what I’m really trying to say – or too few words that don’t fully articulate the weight of my thoughts. (That is SO me!)

    I also like that you wrote Santa Claus and the Magic Pencils when you were young. My earliest “work” that I can remember was “Bobby Needs a Haircut”.

    Thanks again for sharing. This is awesome!


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  7. Fantastic.

    “I write to express what otherwise tumbles out of my mouth in too many words that obscure what I’m really trying to say – or too few words that don’t fully articulate the weight of my thoughts.” This is brilliant. My latest post (complaining about my son spilling his juice) is about this. When we talk, we often say something in passing that doesn’t give the listener the full story or we’re loaded with emotion and the story comes out in a mess of tangled words that only gives the listener slivers of the story.

    “I write so that my head doesn’t feel too full and my body doesn’t feel too anxious.” I love this. It is so true. It’s a beautiful way to put it. (Which is why you’re such a wonderful writer.)

    Thanks for including me in the blog hop. As always, a pleasure to read your blog!

    • P.S. I don’t believe you are giving yourself enough credit for the flash fiction you’ve done. It’s short, yes, but isn’t that the point of flash? Still, it’s fiction. And it’s very good.

  8. You are such an inspiration! I’m so glad we’ve ‘met’ and stay in relatively frequent touch. Thank you for your kind words – they push me forward, and came on a day when I could’ve easily gone down the road of self doubt. Enjoy your day, kindred spirit!

  9. “I write to keep myself open and honest.” — love, love, love this 🙂

    And of course, love Maya Angelou and that quote. It really is an inexplicable impulse, almost visceral. SO enjoyed reading this post!

    Wishing you much peace, always! 🙂


    • I appreciate your words and love when writers can unite over this innate thing we can’t seem to feed enough! Writing brings such joy, doesn’t it? Thank you for bringing my attention back to my blog. I have taken quite a vacation from it, and even though it has been for a very good reason – I have been writing and submitting essays (one of which got accepted by an online literary magazine) – it is probably time I banged some out again. Wishing you peace as well. So glad we have met.

      • Many, many compliments on the acceptance by a magazine! That is wonderful 🙂 If you get a second let me know where I can find it.

        Writing is a wild love, indeed. And only fellow writers can truly understand the ‘pull’ of it I think.

        Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. It will be in the litmag ‘Talking Writing’ – in an issue dedicated to faith and writing. I will definitely post when it is out. Virtual hug!

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