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Exercising Your Writing Muscles

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After a short break from my morning yoga routine, I decided yesterday it was time to get back on the mat (nearly) every day. I set up my laptop and began going through one of the online yoga programs I’ve bookmarked over the years, one of my favorites that only a few weeks ago I was moving through without trouble. The one that sneaks in an extra push-up during three vinyasa flows.

Guess what happened?

Hate to admit it, but I only got through the first one. Despite the fact that I could glide effortlessly through the routine before Thanksgiving (hmm, is there a connection here to the holidays?), my arm muscles let me down.

Isn’t this what happens our writing muscles? If we don’t exercise them often enough, they get weak. Sore. Smaller.

I think this is why I have so many writing projects going at the same time. For work, I have long magazine articles and short newspaper columns. For pleasure, I have long writing days dedicated to my book and short bursts that produce essays and gratitude lists. It doesn’t matter what I write, as long as I write.

I love this quote from Julia Cameron: “It’s a luxury to be in the mood to write.”

The same goes for working out, I suppose.



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Freelance journalist working on a narrative nonfiction book about a woman who, after the freak death of her husband, decides to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to deal with her grief and finds a second chance at love.

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